We've rebranded! Rec Room Craft Co. is now ✽ The DIY Disco ✽
We've rebranded! Rec Room Craft Co. is now ✽ The DIY Disco ✽
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Inspired by the endless hours spent crafting in my grandparent's basement, Rec Room Craft Co. opened in June of 2019. We opened with one goal in mind: to build a fun, colorful, welcoming outlet to gather, catch-up and create. We wanted to provide a space to take a break from the hustle and bustle of every day life and find the cheer in creating. 
For just over a year, we were lucky enough to welcome many tables of crafty friends, organize some amazingly unique workshops, and play host to awesome DIY craft parties for birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, girls night out and team building events.
In March of 2020 we were forced to close our business as a result of COVID-19. We re-opened in July of 2020, but over the course of the next few months it became unsustainable to keep the studio open in the current COVID-19 world. In November, we made the painful and difficult decision to close our physical studio. Thank you will never, ever come close to conveying our gratitude towards all of our guests turned friends who joined us at 219 S. 2nd. Street, and to those of you who have continued to support this small business over the holidays and beyond. 
Our plan is to continue to offer DIY (At Home) Craft Kits and Virtual Events for the immediate future, or until things stabilize a bit more. From there we'll see! Maybe some pop-ups, maybe a new, smaller studio ... we're excited to see what comes next! 
Krista Bach founded Rec Room Craft Co. in 2019. Krista climbed the ranks as an Advertising Executive in Chicago for almost 15 years before deciding to return to her home state of Wisconsin and jump head first into this start-up journey. As a long-time DIY-er (as a kid, she spent all her allowance at Nelson's Dime Store in Racine, WI), Krista loves experiencing the joy of dabbling and creating with crafters and non-crafters alike. When she's not tangled in a mess of macrame cord, paint and craft glue, Krista can be found wrangling her two doggos, two kiddos and husband around town in the Brew City (and cheering on the Packers, of course!).